How can I use INJECT?

Below we have set out a four step guide to getting you started with INJECT. Within our tool there are also helpful guides that you can access at any time. 

Once you have installed INJECT in one of the text editors, you will need to open it. This will vary by editor. If you have installed INJECT in one of the text editors, you will need to open it. This will vary by editor. For example, in Google Docs, click on add-ons, then Inject app, then Start for the INJECT tool to appear in the sidebar.

Step 1: Explore news-related content

Decide on the topic you want to explore creatively. Type in a series of topic terms at the top of the sidebar. This can be a topic you’re working on. Alternatively, try examples such as ‘food security’, ‘Yemen crisis’ or ‘air pollution’.

You can also highlight text in your text editor, then click on the black cross in the circle on the right of the topic terms. INJECT will read what you have highlighted, and extract the topic terms for you.

INJECT works most effectively with just 2 or 3 topic terms.

You can explore the news-related content in INJECT with 4 different search strategies that each offer you a different set of results for creative input:

Backing and Evidence – presents articles, entities and creative clues that contain or are related to quantitative evidence such as numbers and measures with relevant to your topic terms;

Individuals – presents different people, entitles and creative clues discovered with your topic terms;

Causal – provides access to longer, explainer-style news articles that report the background and causes of news and entities related to your topic terms;

Quirky – presents you with cartoons that look at your topic from different perspectives.

Click on the creative strategy that interests you the most. You can always explore more than one, and return to previous strategies at any time.

INJECT also offers you trending topics on Twitter for locations that you’re interested in.

Step 2: Get new ideas

The newscards offer a variety of features to trigger new ideas:

Related concepts appear under the story in coloured boxes;

Creative sparks appear when you hover over the results and the concepts with your mouseThese sparks are based on interviews with experienced journalists;

A brief explanation of the concept appears when you click on it. These are so-called Explaain fact cards.

Related concepts are people, places, organisations and things connected to the content of the article:

Green – Person

Brown – Place

Blue – Organisation

Red – Thing

Click on the three dots menu in the top-right corner of the newscard to:

Open the article – Read the original article in a new tab. You can also get here by clicking on the story.

Copy the reference – One-click citation option. Copy the reference of the source to your clipboard to save it and build on it later.

Show creative sparks – View the creative sparks together with the associated concepts in one place.

Refresh creative sparks – Request more creative sparks for a story and get 10 more concepts each time with the click of a button.

Show a word cloud – Simple graphical representation of word frequency in a story

Search in Google – Discover new angles for your story with INJECT, then deep search with Google

Step 3: Explore other information and clues

Change your topic terms and/or parameters to discover other useful information and creative clues, using the features shown below.

Time period – What time period of information do you want to explore?

Language – INJECT is currently fully functional in English, Dutch, German, and Norwegian. Explore sources in these different languages.

Sorted by relevance, time or randomly – The default option is random. You can also sort the results by time or relevance.

Public and/or private news sources – Public is the only option for the open-access tool. Archives can be added for INJECT clients; archives can be crawled and added to make them smarter, more easily searchable.

Relaxed or strict search – With relaxed, the results go a little bit further away from your topics, which could lead to more and wider new ideas.

Step 4: Options and assistance

In the bar at the bottom of the tool you find options, a feedback feature and login. 

Tips for using INJECT

  • Use INJECT before you start writing 

INJECT is very effective when used during the research phase, to discover angles on stories. Think of it as a tool to inspire new stories and new angles. Plan to use INJECT as soon as you are assigned a story, for example, after the morning editorial meeting.

Remember that INJECT is not a search engine. So rather than seeking to retrieve information INJECT provides you with creative new ideas based on what might be available, you may then want to investigate these further using search engines. INJECT works best for longer feature stories and for short bursts. Because of the vast number of news sources searched journalist users report that the tool provides effective support when researching feature stories.

  • Keep INJECT open while you write

Use INJECT to guide you as you explore a story and start to develop it. INJECT can guide and structure how you work. Enter two or three terms at a time for better results. INJECT is more effective when using fewer terms to describe the news topic that you want to explore. The tool retrieves more and broader information with fewer terms. Use a relaxed rather than a strict search to discover more information. If you find that INJECT is not returning as much information as you would like, go to the settings, and change the search mode from strict to relaxed, to retrieve more information.

  • Use creative sparks to discover new angles

INJECT’s hover-over creative sparks are effective for initiating the exploration of new news angles quickly. Explore the creative sparks if new angles are needed quickly. 

Customised INJECT for your business

INJECT can also be customised according to your newsroom’s needs. Do you wish to add your own archives? Search through specific sources that your journalists use regularly?

Contact us for more information