Creative Discovery

  • Explore articles, visuals and data in a novel way

  • Discover new angles in a matter of minutes

  • Find original sources for your article

  • 6 different search strategies, Twitter exploration and Creative Sparks provide new perspectives on a topic

Better Background

  • Make your archives smart

  • Rediscover bespoke databases

  • Enrich your stories with facts and data from relevant sources

  • Easily build on previous work through one-click citation

Work the way you Want

  • Search sources in multiple languages

  • Use INJECT while you're writing, without switching between screens

  • Continue your search in Google to dive deeper into a new story idea

  • Runs on GoogleDocs, WordPress, as a TinyMCE plugin, and as a responsive web application


For Journalists,
with Journalists

  • Developed with journalists across Europe

  • Different features to meet different types of journalism

  • Support for young journalists just entering the newsroom

  • Helps experienced reporters explore articles, visuals and data in a novel way