A tool to inspire journalists

INJECT is a tool for journalists who want to diversify and broaden their reporting.

Supporting the creative process, it triggers new ideas for story angles more easily and quickly. Unlike search engines, INJECT gives insights, not links.

Inspiration for stories, instantly

Creatively explore news-related content to find new ideas for story angles.

INJECT leverages AI-based search algorithms that surface articles, individuals and visuals related to your story.

Search Strategies, Creative Sparks and Related Concepts quickly offer a variety of perspectives on the topic of interest.

Explore alternative angles, easily

Different search strategies surface different types of news-related content, including key players, cartoons and articles with facts and figures in them specifically.

Creative Sparks trigger new insights through questions and suggestions for possible angles.

Explaain fact cards quickly contextualise Related Concepts, so you can instantly work with less familiar concepts.