The inspiration tool for journalists

Information now flows through our lives 24/7. Journalists increasingly feel the pressure of having to produce stories for an ongoing news cycle, while quality and original reporting have become more challenging. More than ever, reporters must select, verify and account for their facts.

INJECT goes beyond conventional search engines. It helps you quickly find unexpected angles for your story and allows you to start building your article instantly, without the need to switch between documents or browser tabs.

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Inspiration for stories, instantly

Creatively explore background resulting in new angles. INJECT leverages powerful search algorithms to help reporters search creatively and more thoroughly than conventional search engines.

INJECT’s search strategies allow you to explore keywords in the text from different angles. Creative Sparks give suggestions on how to approach a topic when simply hovering over them with your mouse.

Find the facts and data, easily

Find articles with facts and figures in them specifically. Quote information with just one click to start building your article. Search for new information and gather data while you write, without having to leave the document or change browser tabs.

INJECT comes with Explaain, which allows you to quickly contextualise and understand less familiar topics. Explaain scans the text for keywords, and automatically links them up to additional information. You can also create your own fact cards.