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How does INJECT work?

INJECT offers a new tool for online queries beyond conventional search engines.

Using creativity techniques based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), reporters can research widely and quickly in databases to deliver new angles, sources and data. The integration of the ‘Explaain’ project will offer explanatory ‘cards’ or footnotes.


Today, information flows through our lives 24/7, but how much of it is unreliable?

More than ever, reporters must select, verify and account for their facts. INJECT aims to make creative search techniques and explanatory background fast and easy to use for enriched reporting.

Where did it start?

INJECT incorporates the ‘Juice’ project begun in 2016 at City, University of London, as a collaboration between the Human-Computer Interaction group at the Cass Business School and the Journalism Department.

Broader research into new tools for journalists won an EU Horizon 2020 grant of €1m, and the INJECT project started its work with 14 organisations across 6 European countries in January 2017.

When is it available?

INJECT still has a way to go before its tools and services are open to a wider audience.

Currently we are further developing the core tools, working closely together with journalists and newspapers partaking in the project, while designing and prototyping the INJECT ecosystem.

Contact us if you are interested in testing the tool: info@injectproject.eu.

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