“Engage readers in new ways”

Magne Kydland in front of Sunnhordland's office in Stord, an island in western Norway. Photo: Henrik Mundal Andreassen, Sunnhordland

Three Norwegian newspapers Sunnhordland Avis, Hordaland Avis and Hallingdølen willpartner with Mlabs and the University of Bergen to form the first INJECT ecosystem. This means that they will implement the INJECT tool in their daily newspaper production process. Sunnhordland Avis, Hordaland Avis and Hallingdølen are local and regional newspapers with a daily cirulation of 6500 – 8500 copies each. Magne Kydland is the editor-in-chief of Sunnhordland.   

Q: Sunnhordland is part of the first INJECT ecosystem. What do you expect from using the digital creativity tools?

Magne Kydland: Our biggest expectations are that INJECT would develop tools that could make our working life as journalist easier, and more efficient. We also expect the tools to provide journalists with new, and maybe unexpected angles to stories that could engage readers in new ways. This is important for us, because, we – like many newspapers and media organisations around Norway and Europe – have to do more and more, with less people. A tool like this might help us in a very busy day.

Q: Could you give us an example how a journalist at Sunnhordland could integrate the tool in his or her workflow?

Magne Kydland: In the morning meeting we often discuss ideas how to develop stories on certain topics. With new tools a reporter could find new sources, quickly gather relevant facts, and write this story faster with a broader angle than before. Of course we try to make the story as good as possible today as well, but new tools could help us in this work.

Q: INJECT could help to unleash the knowledge and reporting which is “sleeping” in the archives – what do you expect from that?

Magne Kydland: A newspaper’s digital archive is in fact a treasure in making future stories. But today we do not make enough use of this opportunity. So we are really looking forward to using this new tool to do this.