Norwegian newsrooms start using INJECT this summer

The INJECT tool is taking its first steps into the newsrooms of local newspapers Sunnhordland, Hallingdølen, and Hordaland. Over the coming months, the journalists will use the tool to produce articles for their news papers and websites.

To make INJECT successful for local newspapers in Norway, the language barrier along with integration of existing tools needs to be solved. INJECT needs to operate well with local journalism, and show results measured by metrics. Furthermore, partner, client and ecosystem coordinator roles and responsibilities need to be defined to establish the first ecosystem.

Norway is a perfect market for the roll-out of the first INJECT ecosystem. The 5.2 Million citizens can choose from a variety of around 220 different newspaper titles. Compared to almost all other nations, there is a high number of newspaper titles and according to UNESCO the highest rate of newspaper readership worldwide (between 550 and 600 copies are sold per 1,000 inhabitants). People from almost all segments of the population − geographically and socially − are regular newspaper readers. Both quality papers and popular newspapers are read in all segments of the society.

In Norway there are five big media organizations, Schibsted, Egmont Fonden, Amedia, Gyldendal, and Aller. Amedia alone owns 62 local newspapers across Norway, while Schibsted owns national newspapers and local newspapers. For smaller local newspapers, it is important to focus on local journalism to provide content that their readers want.

Some papers in this group have lost readers, but in general the group of papers has maintained readership levels. Time is a key factor for journalists working in a local newspaper, as news stories often require interviews with people that require the journalist to travel back and forth on a regular basis. INJECT can support the journalist in finding creative angles on a recurring event, or with an interview.