Managing expectations (2): so how is INJECT different?

We often get asked how INJECT differs from other projects and tools that aim to help journalists navigate the increasing amounts of information available. Two things to remember.

First INJECT, than Google

The main thing we find during evaluations, whether in Norway, the UK, France or the Netherlands, is the mind-set that people are approaching INJECT with. In essence they are seeing it as a search engine and not a creativity tool, says Dr. Amanda Brown (Cass Business School, City, University of London):

“I worked with journalists to use the tool on two different stories and on the second go really encouraged them to use the creativity side. They found sources that they wouldn’t normally use or come across. This is really positive for INJECT.”

Use INJECT before using conventional search engines to explore data and information in a novel way.

Conventional search engines allow you to deep search after you’ve settled on an angle. INJECT helps you quickly discover new ways to approach a subject, as to support the creation of original stories even under increasing time pressure that is felt in many newsrooms today.

INJECT is primarily a creativity support tool

Similarly, a message came in on the INJECT Facebook:

“Hi interesting project. There are other projects such as Check-Web (Meedan), Coral Project (Mozilla) and Hypothesis. What exactly is the difference to those?”

Projects like Check-Web (Meedan), Coral Project (Mozilla) and Hypothesis are aimed at fact-checking the chaos of information out there. By searching uniquely through reputable and customised sources, as well as allowing journalists to search specifically for articles that have data and statistics in them, INJECT supports this fact-checking mission.

However, INJECT is primarily a digital creativity tool that allows journalists (and possibly people in other domains) to explore new angles to stories and come up with original articles even under the increasing time pressure that’s felt in many newsrooms today.

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