Multi-language creativity support in various work environments

Based on feedback from journalists, the development team delivered a functional and useful tool that’s available in multiple languages.

To meet reported journalist and newsroom requirements, INJECT is now available for use as plug-ins to different authoring tools including Google Docs, WordPress and other content management systems that use the TinyMCE editor, as well as Adobe’s InCopy editor, and as a standalone web application for journalists who do not use any of these established authoring tools.

INJECT supports journalists fully in 4 different languages – English, Norwegian, German and Dutch – by discovering news sources and generating creative content in these 4 languages. There is also partial support for journalists working in French and Italian.

INJECT services generate creative guidance from over 3 million different news articles indexed and retrieved from over 290 different news sources in different countries, as well as from Twitter and video channels, and bespoke archives that belong to the 3 newspapers in the Norwegian ecosystem.

In response to journalist feedback, the interactive tool has new features to speed up the generation of creative content, and more explanation of INJECT’s creative strategies and generated creative content.

Find the complete Deliverable here.