TekLab: Norwegian newspapers are “awaiting, but excited” about INJECT

Editor-in-chief Geir Geitle

Editor-in-chief Geir Geitle at the local newspaper Hordaland.

“Awaiting, but excited,” says editor-in-chief Geir Geitle at Avisa Hordaland about INJECT. The local newspaper is located in Voss, and requires one hour by train if you are travelling from Bergen. This meeting was meant to teach journalists how to use INJECT.

Journalist Sara Finne has worked at the local newspaper for three years, and likes that the job requires interviewing and talking to new people in their coverage area: “It’s rewarding to work at the local newspaper Hordaland, because it is so important for the people in the local community.”

Over the coming months, journalists from the local newspapers Sunnhordland, Hordaland and Hallingdølen will use the Norwegian version of INJECT to produce news stories for their newspapers and websites.

INJECT promises to enhance journalism, but how can INJECT enhance local journalism in Norway?

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