Next, INJECT is coming to the Netherlands

Photo: Haroon Mughal via Flickr CC-BY 2.0

After successful testing in three Norwegian newsrooms, the Dutch team is preparing to set-up INJECT in the Netherlands.

“We are very excited”, says Arend Jan van den Beld of VJMovement in Amsterdam who is in charge of creating INJECT’s second “ecosystem”.

Geesje van Haren of project partner VersPers adds: “The structure of the news media landscape in the Netherlands is very different from the one in Norway. In the Netherlands media outlets mostly rely on freelancers for their stories.”

Arend Jan and Geesje will co-develop the Dutch version of INJECT with a group of journalists in the Netherlands. They will have the opportunity to leave their mark on the tool, by suggesting features that would be most valuable to them.

Arend Jan: “I’d like to hear from users ‘It would be great if INJECT would do this or this’, so we can give that input to the development team.”

Contact us at if you’d like to work with Arend Jan (@vjmovement) and Geesje (@VersPersNL) on this.