EJC: “Helping data journalists find new angles and related data”

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) invited the INJECT Team to contribute to their Data Driven Journalism (DDJ) resource.

“INJECT is not a data journalism tool – but it is a tool data journalists can use in many ways to improve their work. Sounds strange, but let me explain.

Data journalism often is frustrating: while crunching numbers might be fun, finding the right data sources in the first place sometimes can take a long time. Take the topic of diesel emissions for example: there are several national and international organisations collecting and processing data about this topic. While INJECT is not a search engine for databases, it can help you find a lot of fact-based news stories and uncover where the reporters got their data from. And, you might also end up with fresh ideas for sources, or for stories as well.”

Read the full article by data journalist Claus Hesseling (Interlink Academy) on datadrivenjournalism.net