Preparing interviews with INJECT

One of our users has been exploring INJECT as an interview-preparation tool: “It’s great for getting ideas that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Jasmijn Post works as a journalist at local media outlet Bruzz in Brussels. Since February, she has been using INJECT to prepare interviews and continues to explore the tool further:

“Most recently, I used the tool to make a story in India. It’s great for getting ideas that you wouldn’t have had otherwise, or only after searching or thinking for a really long time. It’s a shortcut, in a way.”

Quick overview of perspectives

Searching for interview topics, she says INJECT immediately gives her an overview of the different ways in which various media have already written about the topics.

For an interview with euthanasia expert Wim Distelmans for example, she searched for ‘palliative sedation’ and ‘euthanasia’ in INJECT. She found a lot of Dutch sources about the topic:

“which you can see from the types of questions I asked him. And I immediately got an overview of the various pro and counter arguments in the euthanasia debate.”

Next, Jasmijn used INJECT for an interview with two Brussels-based writers that contributed to the new book ‘Black’: a collection of stories by black writers from the Netherlands and Belgium with one foot in Europe and one foot in Africa.

From feedback to features

Although she would have wanted to find even more different viewpoints:

“It’s very useful to get ideas for interview questions! But INJECT would be even more useful if it would surface more sources that are relevant to me. Then it would become a tool that I would use on a daily basis.”

Following her feedback and suggestions, we extended the number of Belgian sources in INJECT. Moreover, project leader Neil Maiden (City, University of London) reached out to her to talk about a possible new feature to better support this particular way of using the tool:

“Her job was to interview a notable scientist about medical research. She used INJECT to discover and formulate interview notes for the interview. To do this, she pulled off titles, single paragraphs and quotes from relevant articles into a Word Document (she was using the web version). I wonder if there is scope for an interview preparation feature.”

Any thoughts about this? Would such a feature be useful to you? What should it look like?
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