News sources are only the beginning

News-related sources and creativity features to explore topics in novel ways

Good sources are the basis of all good journalism. But the news sources in INJECT are only meant to be the start of the exploration.

INJECT currently searches 4 million articles and 40.000 cartoons in over 300 news sources in 5 languages. Through the different search strategies, you can quickly explore the topic you are covering from a variety of perspectives. And you might come across sources that you do not usually consult.

However, these results are only the start of the exploration. INJECT was designed to support the creative process. In other words, to help journalists come up with original story ideas and angles more easily by proposing them different ways of thinking about a topic.

Features such as entity extraction and creative sparks invite you to look at your topic from different perspectives:

Entity extraction

INJECT “reads” the articles and connects them to places, people, institutions and events that might be worth exploring further. These concepts appear at the bottom of each news card, in different colours to distinguish between different types of concepts.

Hover over the concepts to reveal creative sparks or click on them to learn more.

Creative Sparks

Creative Sparks are codified forms of journalism and creative thinking expertise that suggest new angles based on the entities INJECT finds in the text. Early in the development process, experienced journalists were interviewed about the different ways in which they come up up with new angles. Their answers combined are the basis of the creative sparks.

You can request more creative sparks for a story through the menu on the news card. Get 10 more concepts each time with the click of a button. And you can view the creative sparks together with the associated concepts in one place, on the back of each news card.

Weekly inspiration

Not sure how to use INJECT to explore angles yet? Every Thursday we share a possible search on a news event to help you find new ideas for angles more easily. Like this one for a story on #Orangutans on #Borneo:

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