New release INJECT – Request a Demo

Journalists have provided the development team with a lot of feedback over the past months. The result is a new version of INJECT, with some new and some improved features.

News story cards
changed the way news stories are presented – now they are displayed as cards that can be ‘flipped over’ to view additional information related to the story.

Change Search options
quickly change key search options (such as changing timeframe, changing news sources, and swapping between a strict and relaxed search) directly at the top the results without leaving the main screen.

Word Cloud
A simple graphical representation of word frequency in a story.

Copy a reference to clipboard
Quickly get a reference to a story to copy into your editor – title, published date, publisher and url.

For example: “The mysterious drop in the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean”. The Washington Post. 15 Sep 2017.

Generate more creative sparks
Now you can request more creative sparks for a story and get 10 more concepts each time with the click of a button.

View creative sparks at once
Now you can view the creative sparks together with the associated concepts in one place.

Search in Google
Expand your search using google – invoke a google search using key phrases from the story’s title and some strategy-specific keywords.

See Tweets
Show two types of tweets. If available, relevant tweets are tweeted from the person that are somehow related to your query/topic. ‘Other popular tweets’ are tweets that are not related to your query but you might be interested to see them as they are the most popular tweets of that person in terms likes/retweets.

The new release is available as a beta-version.
Contact us at to request a Demo.