UiB: “New technology helps journalists find new angles”

University of Bergen interviewed the Norwegian INJECT partners about the tool and their participation in the project.

Journalist Sindre Lønnes (Hallingdølen newspaper)

“INJECT will make you more creative when thinking about angles. You need to adjust slightly, because we are used to search engines that give us the most popular hits. When searching in this tool, you might expect to find one thing, but that’s not necessarily what INJECT will give you.”

Journalist Ingvild Siglen Berger (Hordaland newspaper):

“The most exciting thing about testing INJECT is to see the results that are highlighted by the different search queries, in addition to seeing the search engine evolve over time. I think it’s very interesting to be part of this EU project, to encounter new people and new thinking methods.”

Professor Lars Nyre (University of Bergen):

“I learn a lot about media life and the Norwegian media industry. Here I have a real cooperation with the newspapers, who test and tell me about their experiences with the tool. It’s very nice when they say it works well, but the most important thing is that they tell us what I can learn, so we can change the prototype.”

Real the full article on uib.no (in Norwegian).