Beyond the inspiration tool – Creative strategies for journalists

INJECT is developing an Inspiration Tool and Creative Strategies that help journalists make the most out of their creative skills, even under increasing time pressure.

Sometimes all you need to be creative is a bit more time. And, that’s exactly the thing journalists could use more of. Discovering and examining information sources takes time – time that’s becoming increasingly scarce in newsrooms. The high demands of daily production leave many journalists struggling to use their creative capabilities to their full potential.

INJECT set out to develop ways in which the exploration of stories could become a part of journalists’ day-to-day again without needing much more time. The Inspiration Tool (available in beta) makes it easier to find new story ideas and angles by offering various options to explore articles, visuals and data in a novel way.

MOOC and workshop

In addition to the inspiration tool, we are developing creative strategies for journalists in a broader sense. After all, INJECT is just one way to support the creative process and we’re keen to explore other ways to support the creation of original, diverse and relevant stories.

Journalists together with Creativity in Professional Practice scholars are currently developing a MOOC, and live sessions enable the team to co-create a workshop on creative techniques tailored for journalism.

More on this soon.