Lars Nyre (UiB) in Hordaland newspaper about INJECT Norway

While data engineers have been developing data tools that are based on language recognition for 10-15 years, media companies have not been taking full advantage of the possibilities this technology offers. Lars Nyre (UiB) explains why INJECT Norway is such a relevant endeavour.

Media Studies professor Lars Nyre (University of Bergen) believes the EU funded INJECT project could be of great relevance to journalism in Norway: “For overworked and busy journalists, it is crucial that unexpected idea connection happens quickly.”

INJECT supports this process by sparking ideas for new angles, that are surprising and fun, but most of all relevant for the development of original stories.

Being from Voss himself, Lars Nyre is proud that a local newspaper from his hometown is involved as a partner in this ground-breaking project and happy that he is able to contribute to local journalism:

“Why not drive technology development locally and discourage local technological solutions that will only be a micropartner and supplier to giant companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple? For me it is equally important to take the train to Voss and Hordaland as it is taking the plane to California and Silicon Valley.”

INJECT will be available as different local versions, adapted to the specific needs in specific journalistic contexts. In Norway, this means the tool works in Norwegian and searches through the archives of the Norwegian partner newspapers. Finding new and exciting angles may be particularly relevant for covering recurrent events, like Christmas, May 17th and Vossa Jazz.

The article was published in Avisa Hordaland newspaper on 3 August 2017.