Positive first experiences at Hallingdølen newspaper

Original angles for covering the annual moose hunt, added value for readers and exploring relevant sources in Nynorsk. Hallingdølen sees various possibilities for INJECT in the newsroom.

Three local Norwegian newspapers have started using INJECT in their newsrooms this summer. At Hallingdølen, photo journalist Sindre Thoresen Lønnes is the first one to use INJECT:

“It is a tool that allows users to customise their sources and it is available in local versions. For Hallingdølen, this means that the tool works in Nynorsk and searches through the most relevant sources I need locally.”

CEO Ola Stave, who is also part of the project, is excited that Hallingdølen can be involved in the development of new technologies:

“I am responsible for making sure that the newspaper is running as efficiently as possible, but it should still be a quality product. Exciting angles on the issues in the newspaper will add extra value for readers too.”

The goal is for more journalists at Hallingdølen to start using the tool soon. INJECT could be especially interesting to give a twist to recurring events that local media have to report on, like the annual moose hunt in Norway. Lønnes wrote two different stories the past two years, and succesfully used INJECT to explore new ideas for covering the event this year:

“With a quick search in INJECT, I found a news story from NRK that talks about researchers wanting brain tests of the dead animals. Perhaps I’m going to make a report in which I follow a researcher at work this year.”

The original article was published in Hallingdølen newspaper on 12 September 2017.