Hacks/Hackers Venezia: “Fascinated by the quality of the work so far”

5 September 2017 - Hacks/Hackers in Venice, IT

Journalists Enrico Costa and Barbara Battistella share their thoughts on Neil Maiden pitching INJECT at Hacks/Hackers Venezia earlier this month.

As a communications officer at a public university in Italy, Enrico Costa writes news about academic research:

“I think INJECT could be useful to put our stories into context or, using our own archive as a source, adding valuable information to our content.”

Barbara Battistella agrees:

“I think that most of all the tool could be useful to help me in making my archives smart and, generally speaking, customise sources. For me it is quite important to have some help in managing big data sources.”

For Barbara Battistella, the fact that INJECT will provide a sort of quality label for the information provided was the most interesting point made at Hacks/Hackers in Venice: “I think that kind of ‘certification’ is essential in our era as we have many sources and tools.”

In order to be useful in the Italian media environment, Enrico Costa believes the tool would need to integrate Italian news archives:

“I hope that will be possible soon. We organised the presentation to engage Italian journalists too. As a journalist interested in data journalism, I am looking forward to the development of the data visualisation feature.”

Consortium partner Jean-François Fogel (SciencesPo) too believes INJECT will be most interesting as soon as the visualisations and ramifications search dimensions are fully operational. Similarly, Ana Laws from Volda University College has recently joined the Norwegian INJECT team to explore the possibilities of extending INJECT Norway with data visualisations to enrich local news stories.

All in all, Enrico Costa thinks “everybody was fascinated by the quality of the work the INJECT team has done so far”. He just has one question left for the future of the tool:

“after the project ends, will the tool survive? Will it have an impact on journalists’ routine in Europe? We wish you the best and we are confident the team will succeed.”