Exploring new angles on stories – pain-free

‘Creative Sparks’ are the most remarkable feature of the INJECT tool, according to Project Leader Neil Maiden (City University).

Amongst the many great INJECT features developed over the last 6 months to help journalists discover new angles on news stories, one really stands out – the Creative Sparks.

INJECT’s Creative Sparks are a simple idea.

Every time the INJECT tool retrieves news articles that can inspire a journalist to discover new angles on a story being written, it also extracts, or identifies the important entities. These entities can be people, places, organisations and events reported on in that story. INJECT displays these entities in coloured boxes underneath each story. This is useful to the journalist, but perhaps not necessarily supporting their creative thinking.

However, based on these entities INJECT also automatically generates creative sparks that do support creative thinking. For example, for entities such as Emmanuel Macron and the French Presidency INJECT suggests to:

Consider people who might be associated with the French Presidency, and incorporate them into your angle.

Find something humorous about Emmanuel Macron, and develop a new angle based on it.

INJECT is populated with dozens of these creative sparks, which are codified forms of journalism and creative thinking expertise. Using INJECT allows journalists to tap into this expertise while working on stories, enabling them to both benefit and learn from it, providing them with new ways to develop their creative skills.

INJECT Creative Sparks


Moreover, INJECT’s clever interaction design exposes a journalist to large numbers of creative sparks quickly, with little effort. The tool displays a new creative spark whenever the journalist hovers the cursor over the coloured box of each entity.

Move the cursor slightly, view another spark.

Move it again, view another one.

And so on.

Very quickly, a journalist can view 20-30 creative sparks with almost no effort. Genuine pain-free exploration of new news angles using new, intelligent technologies.

Give INJECT a try. Explore its creative sparks, and let us know what you think.