Consortium members delighted as INJECT becomes more and more tangible

A demonstration of the current INJECT features during the quarterly meeting in Amsterdam last week, left the Team visibly delighted with the progress made so far.

Two days of presentations, brainstorm sessions and discussions at creative workspace A Lab definitely made the project more concrete for everyone. “And we’re ahead of schedule,” Project Leader Neil Maiden (City University) announced cheerfully when opening the meeting.

INJECT now runs on GoogleDocs, WordPress, as a TinyMCE plugin, and as a standalone web version. It searches 1.5 million news sources and is extendable to news organisations’ own archives. Norwegian archives are plugged into the tool, allowing the Norwegian local newspapers to search through sources in their own language, and the Creative Sparks are also available in Norwegian. Moreover, it is possible to search through sources in English, Norwegian and Dutch.

Creative Sparks are now also available in Norwegian


But there is still a long way to go before the tool can be widely used in newsrooms: “Although we now have a working tool, the algorithms still need to be improved to be more precise and more useful for journalists,” Neil Maiden adds.

The testing will continue with an expanding group of international journalists, and the tool will be used in three Norwegian local newsrooms starting this summer to evaluate it in various real-life work environments.

It is expected that the tool will be fully operational in the Norwegian newsrooms from October 2017 onwards. Depending on the results of this Norwegian pilot, the tool should become widely available soon after that.

If you’re interested in helping us make INJECT more precise and useful for journalists, contact us at