Halfway INJECT – Ahead of schedule and good project climate

The INJECT Team and students from the Innovation, Creativity and Leadership master met at City, University of London

After a very constructive meeting in London last week, the project is going full speed ahead with plans for new ecosystems in the Netherlands, France and Germany, and a social enterprise.

On a drizzly London morning, the INJECT team got together again at City, University of London, where the project kicked-off last January.

“We’re ahead of schedule,” says Neil Maiden. Technologies are developed faster than expected. The first ecosystem in Norway is up and running earlier than expected. And the team is experimenting with multiple other ecosystems, including in the Netherlands, France and Germany.

Ola Stave (Hallingdolen newspaper) recognises this: “we’re in two other EU projects and this one is moving forward quite quickly.”

Norway up and running

8 journalists are using INJECT in their work since last summer, and additional journalists will be trained to use INJECT in the following weeks.

Their feedback helped the development team create a fully functional beta-version of the INJECT tool. It will be opened up to more users soon to get additional feedback and improve the tool further.

Ola Stave is very pleased with the result so far: “My journalists are excited about working with INJECT and I think Norwegian newspapers would be willing to pay for this.”

Journalist Ingvild Siglen Berger (Hordaland newspaper) brought the first print article written with INJECT with her to London. “With INJECT, I found an interesting, local source for this story on tiny housing.”

Good project atmosphere

“And we’re still talking to each other,” Neil concludes with surprise. He already signalled this at the Amsterdam meeting in July. “I’ve been working on many European projects where we were signing the divorce papers by now.”

Maybe it’s because of the positive atmosphere and the fact that good work is recognised. The development team is very responsive to feedback and new releases of the tool are met with appreciation by the journalists on the INJECT team.

“This is a game-changer!” exclaims Jean-Francois Fogel (SciencesPo) when Kos Zachos (City, University of London) demonstrates the latest version of the tool. “I’m sad I didn’t show this version to the newsrooms.” Joao Ribeiro (M’Labs) agrees: “It looks really great!”

Next: Netherlands, France and Germany

With a fully functional beta-version of INJECT and the Norwegian ecosystem up and running, the team has been talking to potential partners in the Netherlands, Germany and France to explore possibilities for further roll-out.

The beta-version will be opened up soon for journalists outside the consortium to try. Keep an eye out for the newsletter to learn more.