Stable version of INJECT Norway offers lessons for further roll-out

Based on insights gained from pre-launching and growing the initial first ecosystem, Deliverable 2.2 documents the stable INJECT ecosystem in Norway.

Since September 2017, INJECT has been introduced in Norwegian newsrooms and University of Bergen has trained eight local journalists at Sunnhordland, Hordaland and Hallingdolen newspapers to use INJECT. M’Labs is acting as ecosystem manager and technical support is provided by ICCS and City, University of London.

INJECT Norway has been pre-launched in November 2017 to allow for a final round of testing and refining before the official launch in 2018.

Deliverable D2.2 presents the infrastructure of the INJECT tool as it has been put in the market in Norway, specifically addressing the technical, commercial and communication infrastructure. It discusses how within the Norwegian ecosystem the consortium has rolled out the product to new users within the consortium and document the pre-launch of INJECT in Norway, indicating next steps as documented in the calendar of events of this first ecosystem.

The Deliverable documents the way in which the ecosystem has been managed, and presents considerations for sustaining the ecosystem and translating the insights from this first ecosystem into lessons learnt for rolling out the product in other markets, such as the Netherlands and Germany.

Find the complete Deliverable here.